A few things to keep in mind when deciding at which Venue to have Your Dream Wedding:

The Right Size

At the very beginning of planning your wedding. You want to get an account of how many family and friends you're going to invite. Once you do, you'll know the number you need so that way when choosing the venue you want to make sure that it can accommodate your friends and family. If there is a venue that you are really set on for your dream wedding, you may have to revisit your guest list and make adjustments, so that you don't miss on that special experience. Often, there may be the option to choose between an indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception area which is great for large weddings.

Guest Accommodations

After, you will want to make sure that traveling accommodations are met. Think about how close the airport is to a hotel stay or even how far the hotel stay is to the venue. If the venue is a hotel/resort your family or friends can book rooms there at the hotel or other that places are round it. One option to consider is looking at nearby Air Bnb homes has good size house with a good amount of rooms so that everyone could be together and don't have to worry about parking at the hotel which may include valet parking costs. This would make it easier for everyone to be in one place and travel together the day of the wedding or even your rehearsal dinner. You want to make it as easy as possible for those who are traveling if you want to have a destination wedding. Many times, staying local is great if many of your family or friends live local as well. This is also helpful for your getting ready location, which could be at the venue or a friends house who may happen to be close to the venue. Keeping these things in mind makes it easier for everyone to be there on your wedding day.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When you are hunting for a venue, don't schedule the visits all in one day unless you only have 2 or 3 that you're choosing from. If it's going to be more than that, then you want to plan accordingly. It can be an all day thing when you are touring venues depending on how big they are, the different rooms they offer for ceremony and reception, or even if they just only do ceremony or reception. You want to keep that in mind so if you're wanting both options in one venue space which makes it easier for you to transition from ceremony to take your bride and groom portrait photos and then immediate family portraits while cocktail hour for your guess is going on during that time.

Think Seasons

Take into account all the benefits of that venue. If scenery is very important to you, take time to tour the outside of the venue. Ask your tour person, which area you have access to. If there are flowers and greenery, the look may change depending on the season. For example the Sun setting or even big trees, flowers and a beautiful coastal view. With all that think of when you are choosing your wedding date. Will this be here around that date in the future? This will also help you if you are looking for a fall/Winter style of wedding or spring/summer wedding. Also providing that the venue has great scenery and its something that you really want. Plus take account of what the venue offers you.

Credits: Above Photo: Magnolia Manor , By Photography By Dor