What to wear for your Family session in Palm Beach County

Outfit tips for your family photo session

My clients are often overwhelmed with choosing which outfits to wear for their family photo session. That's why I put together this collection of tips to help make that process easier. So you can have great family photographs that you and your family look amazing in without the hassle and stress of wondering what to wear.

  1. Style - We want your images to show your family members' individual style. We often recommend that you and your family dress it up a notch. Although you may have many cell phone images of your family during more casual family activities, dressing up for your photo session makes it even more special. Which is great if you are thinking of also getting your hair and makeup done.
  2. Choose one or two colors and add neutral tones - Decide on one or two colors that you would like to incorporate amongst your family. And compliment it with neutrals that won't clash against those colors. For example, you could have yellow and blue, while grey would be a great neutral color to pair them with. You can stick to a certain pallet, such as earth tones, cool tones, light colors, and warm tones.
  3. Patterns - Try not to have too many different patterns. One person might want to wear a pattern, while everyone else wears solid styles to compliment that.
  4. White Clothing - Although a very popular color for outfits that go with everything, try to limit wearing a lot of white clothing. Keep in mind that it can sometimes appear too bright or cause a wash out look in some photographs, especially on skin tones. It's best to choose something that has a bit of color, even if its a very light color tone.
  5. Bright Colors - We always love a nice pop of color. But sometimes it can distract from you and your family being the main focus in your images.
  6. Choose outfits that you are comfortable in - You want the size to be something you can be confident in. Not too lose but also not too tight. Make sure you try it on in front of a full length mirror and that you feel your best in it.
  7. Dress for the environment - Keep in mind the temperature and weather, so that way you are most comfortable. Don't wear something that will make you too hot if it will be during warmer temperatures.

Winter theme family session in South Florida

Best outfits for Cooler weather

In Florida we have the privilege of always staying in warmer weather than those in northern states. But during the winter, we get to experience much cooler weather, even for just a few months! And during these times, definitely encourage our clients to display different and more winter theme clothing.

  1. Winter Clothes - Switch it up and play around with boots and sweaters.
  2. T'is the Season - And it's also a perfect time to work with holiday colors to bring out the holiday season.
  3. Layers - Layers are always a great way to add diversity to your images when you don't have time to do a full outfit change. So you can have a blouse, but then add a sweater. And for the guys, dressing up in a blazer allows both dressier and a more casual look when you have photos without the blazer.
  4. Accessories - Hats are very popular in the cooler weather since it help you stay warm and fashionable.
Palm Beach family session

Most popular

While we love all the different outfits that our clients wear, the style that we enjoy the most is the formal look. A lot of our clients love the idea that they get to dress up more than usual for their photo session. Similar to your Sunday's Best or what you would wear to a very formal dinner. And for those that don't normally dress up, it's a fun change. It elevates the type of photo session experience that you share with your family. And afterwards, can go to a nice dinner. These photos are great to hang in your formal living room and share during the holidays.

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