Top CRM tool for your creative business

Having a great Customer Relationship Management software can be a great foundation for your business. It helps you stay organized and helps things run smoothly. At the beginning of your business, you may not think that having this program is necessary, but take my advice. It is so beneficial to start your system from the very beginning. It sets the tone, and helps you give your clients a great experience from the start. Below I've listed some of the top reasons why I believe that Honeybook is a great tool for you and your business.

1. Offers useful tools

They offer amazing tools to help build your business. In the image below, you will see the different tools they offer in Essentials, Productivity, Finance, and Lead Capture. All these tools help you run your business more efficiently. I personally like the Bookkeeping tool, which helps me keep my records in one place. Honeybook allows you to add expenses to projects, cost of goods, and pull reports that give you a view of your profit and loss. Below I go into further details on some of my favorite features.

2. A better glance

Shows you a look at all your projects and at what stage they are in. Add up to 10 stages and drag and drop to your preferred order. This feature helps you keep track of clients and projects very well. You can customize it to fit your brand and industry, to exactly what steps your client goes through. The organization and layout of any client management software is very important. And Honeybook's layout is very simple and effective.

3. Templates to stay consistent

Templates make your life easier. Whether it is email templates or brochure templates, they allow you to not have to start from scratch with every inquiry. Honeybook Brochures allow personal branding with text, images, interactive question fields, like a mini-webpage sent directly to an inquiry, allowing you to stand out. Their proposals combine contracts and invoices, so you can streamline your client's booking process and get paid faster. Create a template and then customize for each client before sending. If you have informational emails and brochures you always send, then this makes all the difference. It will help you work faster and look more professional.

4. Scheduling Built-In

Scheduling at no extra charging! It's always great to have a program that saves you money. Why pay for a scheduling software, when Honeybook has one included! The scheduling can be applied to multiple session types (I use it to schedule consultation calls). It also integrates very well with Google Calendar. This recent feature was one of my top favorites.

5. Workflows for Automation

Get back more of your time by automating tasks with workflows. You can trigger a workflow to automatically start when an inquiry comes in via the contact form. You can assign project types to send new inquiries down different workflow paths. Nowadays, a quick response to an inquiry is so important. And your workflows help you speed up your process and be more consistent with all your leads and clients.

6. Reports

So necessary for every business. In the image below, you will see that Honeybook offers many different types of reports. This helps you see where most of your leads are coming from, and which project types are being booked by more clients and how well you have done throughout the year to name a few.

7. New Features Added - Gift Gards

It's wonderful when new features are being added all the time. The people at Honeybook care about our success and are always listening to suggestions on ways to improve. And one of the newest features that were added during this pandemic was the Gift Card! This helps many business owners sell their products and services online who would normally sell physical gift cards in person. A great an easy way to offer sales and give others a way to support your business. Why use another program, when Honeybook has this feature included at no extra charge.

8. An awesome community

Last but not least, they also have a real community. In this area, you can post questions, or look for opportunities to network and assist or collaborate with other creatives. With the Rising Tide community, you get monthly emailed resources to help you with your business, webinars and Local Meetup Groups called Tuesdays Together. I have found other wedding vendors when I needed somebody for a styled shoot or to assist at a wedding. It allows me to network with others who share the same values.

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